Convergence Consulting LLC

Convergence Consulting LLC is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) and social management consultancy that focuses on international projects and programs. The company has a business model that facilitates consistently high-quality services across countries through use of the interdisciplinary teams that are needed for effective EHS and social management consulting.

The services of Convergence Consulting include:

  • Auditing and assessment for legal compliance, management systems and internal policies and standards.
  • Corporate strategic consulting for development of management systems (ISO, EMAS, OHSAS, etc) and EHS performance strategies.
  • Consulting support services for outsourced staffing, compliance, training and benchmarking.

Convergence Consulting, along with several of its clients, formed a consortium whose mission is the development of country-specific EHS compliance support tools tailored to office and retail (non-manufacturing) operations, using a cost-shared business model. The consortium membership grows each year, as does the number of countries covered. Currently over 50 jurisdictions are covered. The foundation tool developed under the consortium is a set of International Health and Safety Legal Registers available through Specialty Technical Publishers.

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