James Graves

Dr. James Graves is a consulting psychologist, known nationally for his consultation, training, and writing in the field of workplace violence prevention. He provides a full range of services in this arena, including: consultation on policy, procedures and program design; employee fitness for duty/dangerousness assessment; development of Threat Assessment Teams; development and implementation of training for various employee groups; and design and implementation of train-the-trainer programs. Dr. Graves has trained over 4,000 managers, supervisors and line employees, conducted train-the-trainer programs for over 150 internal trainers, and developed over 40 Threat Assessment Teams. He is known for his well-organized, but interactive and enjoyable training style. He is the originator of the Four-Pronged Risk Assessment System, a teachable, but scientifically sound, system of threat assessment that has been implemented with success (i.e., no episodes of extreme violence after training) in many employer organizations in various industries.

Dr. Graves has been involved in violence prevention in schools. He has participated in training in this area sponsored by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Graves has provided seminars on this subject to school personnel and mental health professionals.

With advanced training from the International Critical Incident Stress foundation, Dr. Graves provides consultation, training, and interventions related to the alleviation of traumatic stress. He has trained many internal Emotional Trauma Response Teams, peer counselors, and mental health professionals to handle early assessment and intervention in the wake of a traumatizing incident. He has personally provided over 70 Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISDs) related to natural disasters, accidental death of co-workers, armed robberies, and multiple homicides in the workplace.

Some of the larger employers that have benefited from Dr. Graves' violence prevention and critical incident services include: AT&T Wireless Services; American Medical Response; Architect of the Capital (Washington, DC ); City of Los Angeles; Frito Lay; Internal Revenue Service; International Truck and Engine; Los Angeles Unified School District; Union Bank; Weyerhaeuser Corporation. Dr. Graves is the author of numerous publications.