John R. Levine, PhD

John R. Levine, PhD, earned his degrees from Yale University. He has worked in a variety of technical positions, including as system architect for the orignal version of IBM's AIX workstation system, and as one of the authors of Javelin, an award-winning modelling package. He now lives in upstate New York, where he writes and consults on the Internet and Internet law.

John has served as an expert witness in a variety of Internet-related cases, including Field vs. Google, Perfect 10 vs. Google, Commonwealth vs. Jaynes, U.S. vs. Soloway, and U.S. vs. McDaid in the United States, Century 21 vs. Rogers in Canada, and Crown vs. Atkinson in New Zealand.

John is the author of many books including the well-known Internet for Dummies, now in its 13th edition, as well as more technical works.

He is a senior technical advisor to the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (, an industry association of Internet providers and other organizations, dealing with spam, malware, and other online threats. He is also the president of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (, the leading grassroots anti-spam organization.