Joni Metolius

Joni Metolius is a licensed marriage, family and child counselor, who has worked with Employee Assistance Programs since the 1970s. She provides clinical services to employees who are referred as a result of personal or job-related issues that may have a negative impact on their productivity. Also, for the past ten years, Joni has facilitated critical incident stress debriefings with staff members impacted by traumatic events. These include the aftermath of bank robberies, employee deaths either on or off the job, layoffs, and manmade and natural disasters. In addition, Ms. Metolius is a corporate training facilitator on stress management and communications, as well as a trainer and lecturer on the subject of trauma recovery.

Because of her expertise in the area of chemical dependency, mental illness, and recovery, Ms. Metolius was appointed to the state of California Board of Nursing Diversion program. She served as a member of a diversion committee for eight years and continues to evaluate and monitor the recovery progress of health care professionals.

Ms. Metolius is active with regional and local disaster preparedness programs.

Ms. Metolius is the founder and CEO of Thrivesite, a web-based self-management process.