Specialty Technical Consultants


STC, a specialized management consulting firm, works globally to enhance its clients' environmental, health and safety (EHS) performance. With STC's assistance, firms manage their complex worker safety and environmental challenges as business issues, rather than as engineering or legal obstacles. They integrate EHS actions directly into their core business operations. Through this process, STC uncovers opportunities for its clients to increase program efficiency and cost-effectiveness, thus helping them gain competitive advantage.

Unique features of STC's services include: program design and performance improvement processes that are implemented company-wide; appropriate support tools that simplify regulatory compliance; and integrated audits of compliance actions and management systems that support greater effectiveness and risk reduction.

STC's activities fall into the following five basic categories:

  • EHS management strategies and systems implementation
  • EHS compliance audits and assistance
  • EHS performance improvement
  • EHS regulatory information and support tools and
  • Web-based EHS management tools.


STC's regulatory specialists have been involved directly in the technical committees and professional organizations that have developed the EHS auditing process that we have today. They are leaders in the Audit Roundtable, for example; and were called upon recently to prepare the management systems examination for the Board of Environmental Auditing Certification (BEAC). STC's audits and related consulting services are conducted by EHS professionals, including management consultants, scientists, and engineers who have considerable experience in development of EHS management systems, EHS regulations, plant operations, control technology, and risk management.


STC's specialists have provided a broad spectrum of auditing and management systems services to clients worldwide. These include clients in the following industries: aerospace, chemicals, computers and semiconductors, food, general manufacturing, oil and petroleum, and pharmaceuticals and biotech. STC operates from its head office in Oakland (CA) and branch offices in Albuquerque, Baltimore, Boise, Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles.

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