CMO COMPLIANCE™ is one of the world’s leading Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Incident Reporting management software solutions, to manage occurrences or incidents that causes an interruption to standard operation, whether it is a risk that has eventuated, or a lack of, or break in, compliance to law, policy, procedure, licensing or standards. 
Incident Management: Manages occurrences or incidents that cause an interruption to standard operation, resulting in performance improvement. 

Audit & Assessment: Supports the entire audit process from risk assessment to planning and audit execution, including document management and remediation. 

Event Management: Supporting events including inspections, behavior based observations (BBOs), meetings, gift reports, whistleblower reports and change requests. 

Action & Issue Tracking: Tracks actions from creation to verification, with automatic notification and escalation optimizing completion rates. 

Risk Management: Improves the visibility and management and reporting of risk, to prevent incidents and associated losses before they occur. 

Permits & Approvals: Enables any organization to track critical dates, obligations and conditions to ensure compliance across global operations. 

Document Management: Increases control and productivity with a document management system that automates workflow and distribution. 

Training & Competence: Accurately tracks employee skill levels, certifications and training in real time, with automated email notifications and reminders. 

Contractor Management: Drive continual operational performance whilst reducing risks and costs across your supply chain. 

Compliance Management: Map compliance requirements and obligations to an organizational hierarchy, which assigns responsibilities and tracks to completion. 

Monitoring Module: Automates testing and monitoring programs, tracking monitoring locations and data including invalid data and exception levels. 

HSE&Q Obligation Library: With over 10,000 HSE&Q obligations, automate all steps in the compliance management process, tracking responsibilities and due dates for compliance obligations. 

Crisis Management: Enables organizations to manage major events that threaten to harm your organization, stakeholders, or the general public, automated Voice, SMS and email notifications. 

Reports & Dashboards: Insightful and interactive reports and dashboards, designed to drive operational improvement at all levels of the organization.