KMI believes the value of their software is not the software itself, it’s how well it helps you do your job and achieve the goals of your EHS and Sustainability programs. KMI strives to understand the “why” before they design the “what” and “how”. This approach leads to software that feels simple and intuitive to users and improves organizational performance. 

KMI software provides the unique ability to meet complex business challenges whilst being easy and intuitive for end users. The result is system adoption, a critical success factor. This enables the collection of quality data so performance can be analyzed and reported on. KMI software is designed to meet your needs for incident management, audits, inspections, behavioral safety observations, compliance management, management of change, training tracking, risk analysis, performance metrics and corrective actions. 

KMI’s comprehensive environment, health, safety (EHS) and sustainability software is a simple and effective way to meet your complex business challenges. KMI system allows you to gain visibility, control risk and improve performance across your organization.

Incident Management
KMI have designed this essential tool to be easy for operations-level users to report and investigate all common types of incidents, near misses/hits and hazards. The ability to perform risk and cause analysis makes this a powerful prevention tool that puts ownership and accountability in the hands of all employees. With the ability to roll information up at any level of the organization, visibility is drastically improved, new corporate programs can target key opportunities for improvements, and performance reporting becomes simple.

Audit & Inspection
KMI’s Audit & Inspection tool supports several standard practices in EHS that tend to be centered on lists and protocols. This includes formal corporate management systems and compliance auditing, routine site inspections, and behavioral safety observations. Super users can easily create and maintain unlimited checklists and protocols, and distribute them across applicable locations. End users can work on the web, within offline Microsoft Word forms or from any connected iPad or other supported tablet device.

Management of Change
Management of Change (MOC) is a critical and complex process for evaluating the impacts of a change on employee safety and health and other areas of potential risk. KMI’s MOC system is designed to make this process more streamlined and efficient with comprehensive workflow support that is simple to follow.

Compliance Management
Managing compliance is a highly complex, constantly changing landscape with too many opportunities for mistakes. KMI’s Compliance Management system is designed to help you and your team manage responsibility for compliance tasks, deadlines, and permit limits. This provides simple, effective control at the operational level and a significant increase in visibility for management.

Training Tracking 
Your training program is critical for compliance and workplace health and safety. Keeping track of who needs what training, when, and whether it’s been effectively provided, is daunting, especially across multiple locations in different jurisdictions. KMI’s Training Tracking system provides a simple repository for your training requirements, with the agility to handle changes in those requirements over time. This tool gives you real control, total visibility and the power to run a best-in-class training program within your organization.

Performance Metrics
Collecting performance metrics across an organization is becoming increasingly critical, ranging on a scale of complexity in needs. Simply collect and report on a few key performance indicators related to environment, health, safety and sustainability, or manage energy use and greenhouse gas emissions across your global enterprise. KMI’s Performance Metrics system gives you the power and flexibility to define, assign, and convert any input into the outputs upon which you need to report and by which your organization measures its success.

Risk Analysis
KMI recognizes the complexity of systematically defining risks across locations, jobs and processes within your organization. Our Risk Analysis system simplifies the various methods for defining, assessing and controlling workplace hazards and the probability and impact of environmental aspects.

Corrective Action
The center around which everything else revolves – a consistent action creation and assignment tool that is available directly within Incident, Audit, Compliance, MOC, Risk and also as a standalone application. Responsibility and performance are transparent ensuring tasks are consistently completed on time.

Reporting & Dashboards
Data visualization is half art, half science. Do even a small amount of research into effective data visualization and then judge for yourself. KMI presents the right data in the right format at the right frequency to visualize performance and risk. KMI focuses on actionable information so you can focus your efforts where they will be most effective. KMI also ensures all data that is captured in the system is available as an output in a report, dashboard or search query. Surprisingly, that is not something you can take for granted from many EHS software tools.