ProcessMAP is a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to manage risk in key areas: Health, Safety and Environment, Sustainability, and Enterprise Compliance. Leveraging ProcessMAP’s integrated suite of solutions, leading companies – from global conglomerates to mid-market companies – establish consistency, garner real-time insight to improve EHS performance, and make better business decisions. 

Harnessing the benefits of a true multi-tenant cloud platform, our clients experience rapid implementation timeframes, continuous no-cost upgrades, and 24/7 access – from anywhere; on any device. Our solutions are deployed in over 90 countries with more than 1,000 users utilizing 25 languages.  

With over 14 years of global domain expertise, ProcessMAP delivers exceptional results through the following solution modules – available as an end-to-end solution or as modular components: 

 Incident Management

  • Identifies negative trends to monitor key performance areas that require follow-up.
  • Boosts productivity by reducing lost workdays and compliance-related workload.
  • Increases accountability by tracking employees on assigned corrective/preventive/pending action items.

Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

  • Tracks management involvement at all levels using specific KPIs and checklists.
  • Schedules tasks and activities to integrate daily managerial activities with Behavior Based Safety. 
  • Delivers better insights with automated reports, trend analysis, and leading and lagging indicators.   

Risk Assessment Management

  • Provides one shot risk estimation using the built-in multifunctional dashboard.
  • Prioritizes risk associated with each job by calculating Risk Assessment Score based on frequency, severity, and likelihood.
  • Mitigates prominent hazards with effective Controls Management, which creates an inventory of standardized, industry, or customized control.
Chemicals  MSDS Management

  • Shows lists of approved chemicals, banned chemicals, and their associated properties – with a single click.
  • Helps companies maintain accurate and complete records with a central repository for all chemical information along with MSDS management – accessible to all departments.
  • Facilitates maintenance of employee access to current Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as a part of employee right-to-know requirements.
Sustainability Performance Management

  • Tracks environmental emissions, energy, and water consumption and usage to meet corporate and compliance goals.
  • Enables linking of emission data with financial data for identification of hidden costs and potential benefits.
  • Enables scheduling and maintenance of corporate and site specific projects to achieve corporate goals across locations and divisions.
Activity Management

  • Systematically tracks tasks driven by regulatory and corporate requirements. 
  • Efficiently manages and link each CAPA with audit findings. 
  • Provides view of action items with unmatched ease and various filter options.
Audits Management

  • Manages all aspects of an audit program based on Plan-Do-Check-Act principles.
  • Identifies pain points and enables continuous improvement by tracking trends and progress over auditing cycles.
  • Improves data mining, benchmarking, and analytics using captured enterprise data. 
 Industrial Hygiene

  • Tracks and improves equipment performance through predictive asset management.
  • Keeps users up-to-date with current EHS compliance and enables seamless management at the click of a button.